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Tariq and Luoise review :We got married in Ravello on July 2019, which was the culmination of just over a year’s planning. We were relatively late in choosing where we wanted to get married, so we were worried that a year might not be long enough to plan for a wedding abroad but, thankfully, we put our big day in the safe hands of Wagner Tours wedding and weddings , Mario Capuano and Annamaria Staiano .Once we had decided that we wanted to get married on the Amalfi coast, we looked at a number of different venues and planners, but Mario Capuano at Wagner was our first choice as soon as we knew that we wanted to tie the knot in Ravello. From the moment of our initial query, Mario was responsive and completely transparent in his dealings with us. He e-mailed us almost immediately after we contacted him and provided us with a lot of information before we had even commissioned him to plan our wedding, including a full, detailed breakdown of how much the wedding might cost.

There were no hidden costs and it was clear what we would be able to get for our budget; Mario’s fee was also clearly stated, and it compared very favourably to other quotes that we had received and proved to be excellent value for money. Another big plus was that Wagner Tours is based in Ravello and that all of the planning is delivered by Mario, Annamaria and the team: nothing is subcontracted to other providers and they have a direct, longstanding relationship from everyone involved in the wedding, from the musicians to the waiters, from hotels to taxi drivers.From day one, Mario made the process of planning very simple for us and it took a huge amount of pressure off our shoulders. We were given the relevant information at the right time, so it never felt like we were having to make lots of decisions all at once; Mario told us when to start the legal process, when to start thinking about meals, when to start to think about what music we would like. We were given fantastic advice, based on years of advice, and great support that helped us and our guests: for example, a lot of our guests booked accommodation directly through Wagner, getting early access to some of the best places to stay at a discounted price.

We were picked up from the airport in Naples by our driver in a modern, air-conditioned coach (booked via Mario) and we were taken to Scala and Ravello, where various members of our wedding party were staying. We stayed in a lovely, big villa in Scala with our family; we booked the villa via Mario and it surpassed our expectations in terms of size and comfort. For 15 people, the villa was very reasonably priced, and the facilities were great, with the kids enjoying the pool and the games room, including table tennis table.In the few days before the wedding, we took a few trips into Ravello to meet up with friends and family, as well as finally meeting Mario and Annamaria at their office in Ravello. We had a short meeting with Mario on the Monday before the wedding and we managed to have a look at Villa Eva, where we were having our reception. At the Villa, we met with Annamaria and we had the chance to look around and get an idea of what the venue would look like on our big day. The Villa is breath-taking and Annamaria and the team do a fantastic job of dressing and decorating it for weddings.

Civil wedding in the town hall garden Principessa Piemonte - Ravello

On the morning of the day before the wedding, we met with Mario at his office in Ravello and completed the legal declaration at the Town Hall. We had already completed our legal documentation back in the UK, following the guidance we had been given by Mario. All of the paperwork had been sent through to Italy a few months before and this meant that the process at the Town Hall was quick and efficient.

Having completed the necessary steps to ensure that our wedding would be legally recognised back home, Mario walked us through the wedding day: where to go, where to meet our guests, what to expect at the venues. This was incredibly reassuring, and Mario ensures that you don’t have to worry about anything on your big day, other than turning up at the right place at the right time - everything is planned to the smallest detail. Back at the Wagner office, we finalised the last of the arrangements – we had already printed things like name cards and table plans, and Annamaria took care of the rest, including making sure we had copies of our readings for the wedding and confirming who would sit where at the meal. When we left the office about an hour later, we were both relaxed that every final detail had been considered and that we had put our trust in the right people.

On the Wednesday evening before the wedding, we had arranged a pizza party for our guests – again, booked via Mario – at Salvatore’s in Ravello. We were a little unsure about whether to do this when we were planning the wedding, but we were so glad that we did. It was an amazing evening and gave us an opportunity to meet all of our guests before the day of the wedding. The food was incredible, and the venue was stunning, looking out over the sea as the sun set on the Amalfi coast. We would definitely recommend this to anyone else getting married in Ravello – it gave our guests the chance to meet each other, for old friends to catch up and for new friends to be made. It also meant that when it came to the day of the wedding, the guests knew each other and made the whole occasion more enjoyable. From our point of view, it allowed us to see our guests before the wedding, rather than just for a few hours on the big day

The wedding day itself was meticulously planned. Our guests met near to the Principessa di Piemonte gardens where we were due to get married, as instructed by Mario. Everyone had an opportunity to have a drink in the sunshine and chat to the people they had met the night before. Shortly before 5pm, the groom and the guests went to sit in the gardens where the ceremony was held; the flowers and the chairs were laid out beautifully and everything looked amazing. The ceremony was orchestrated expertly by Mario and things ran like clockwork.

Following the ceremony, we walked down to the main square in Ravello, where we had organised a toasting party via Mario; this was a great idea and it gave our guests the opportunity to enjoy another drink and some canapes, whilst we went to the Villa Rufolo with Enrico, our photographer, to have some photographs taken. Enrico Capuano is an expert photographer – and an incredibly nice guy – and he made us feel completely at ease. He showed us a few of the shots that he took of us and they looked spectacular; we can’t wait to get our final prints in a few weeks’ time. From the toasting ceremony, we walked with our guests to Villa Eva for the reception. The Villa was spectacular and Annamaria had done an excellent job at decorating and dressing it. Our guests were blown away by the location and also the level of service of the staff at the Villa. There was an abundance of drinks and food waiting for us when we arrived (a theme that continued throughout the day and evening), with all tastes catered for, including gluten-free options for some of our guests. The children at the wedding had lots of room to run around and particularly enjoyed the giant chess set.

A dream signed by Mario Capuano the local wedding planner in Ravello

Enrico was happy for us to take a few staged photographs with guests, as well as some photos of us on the rooftop of Villa Eva, capturing the unbelievable 360-degree views of Ravello and the Amalfi coast. After that, he worked his magic mainly in the background, capturing the rest of the evening in an unobtrusive way.The dining area looked incredible and, again, Annamaria and her team had done a super job with the tables and flowers. The meal itself was something else; five courses of delicious Italian cuisine, delivered with style and with second helpings. The wine that was provided as part of the meal seemed to be bottomless and glasses were not allowed to be emptied by the attentive Villa Eva staff. We cannot speak highly enough of how good the Villa Eva staff were; the service was efficient but friendly, and the chefs were even happy to tweak the childrens menu for the slightly fussier eaters. Nothing was too much hassle and they kept everything running smoothly throughout the whole day.

Having finished the meal, we had our first dance and cut the cake outside before getting the party started with our outdoor DJ. We had provided a playlist a few months before, as advised by Mario, and the DJ had crafted a great set that kept everyone dancing outside, and then inside after midnight. We were pleased that we had put money behind the bar and it was our way of thanking our guests for making the effort to come to Italy to enjoy our day with us.When the final guests left at 3am, we went back to the Hotel Giordano to enjoy our wedding night in the complimentary room provided for us by Mario; the room was beautiful, and the hotel had dressed the bed with swans, made from towels, and rose petals. It was a lovely way to end what had been the best day of our lives

Tariq and Louise - on the top of Villa Eva - overlooking the Amalfi Coast

It’s taken a month or so to write this review because we’ve been on a wedding comedown for weeks! The week of our wedding could not have been better, and we owe it all to our guests, and especially to Mario, Annamaria and the Wagner Team for being the best wedding planners that we could have hoped for. No task was too big, no detail too small for them to deal with; they were there for us from day 1 to the day after the wedding, making us feel special and making sure that our time in Ravello was better than we could have ever imagined. Grazie mille for giving us memories that will stay with us forever.

Villa Eva - Ravello

a dream signed by Mario Capuano - the local wedding planner in Ravello

info@wagnertours.it and your Ravello wedding dream is starting. Get Married in Ravello and enjoy the charm of our country with unique history and traditions.

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