Rehearsal Dinner  - Serata Italiana !!! overlooking the  Amalfi Coast !!! a night with your friend in Italian Style.

Choose a "Serata Italiana" – and you’re choosing a night of great food, high energy and noise. Italians love life, to talk, and laugh, usually over a big meal and wine.

why not spend time with your friends the night before your wedding day in true Italian style?

A rehearsal dinner ( pre-party )is typically an informal meal after a wedding rehearsal, which takes place the night before the actual wedding. It's a chance for the wedding party to get to know each other better, and most importantly, it's a chance for the bride and groom to thank all the people who have helped them out with the wedding planning.

Enjoy classic Italian dishes created with the freshest ingredients by our talented team of chefs.

a Magical night overlooking Ravello and the Amalfi Coast

the perfect location for the prelude to your wedding on the Amalfi Coast

A friendly night in Italian Style . Your Dream is starting contacting

The night before the wedding is the night where you can welcome all the guests and where each side of the family can meet each other and dance and have fun

The Serata Italiana is an event where fun is guaranteed !!! Aside from ensuring that it won't upstage the more formal wedding, a casual rehearsal dinner will loosen up guests who are meeting for the first time

The venue is only 3 km from Ravello, easy to reach and from where you can admire Ravello village in all the extension

At The Serata Italian vegetarian people are welcome, you have only to advise us in advance.

Local wine - Red or White !!! ... for a magical night

... Let's spend a great night together before our wedding day in true Italian style and enjoy some of the best traditional recipes of the Amalfi Coast ...