Rehearsal Dinner  - Pizza  party  italian style !!! overlooking the  Amalfi Coast !!!

A rehearsal dinner  ( pre-party )is typically an informal meal after a wedding rehearsal, which takes place the night before the actual wedding. It's a chance for the wedding party to get to know each other better, and most importantly, it's a chance for the bride and groom to thank all the people who have helped them out with the wedding planning.

why not spend time with your friends the night before your wedding day in true Italian style? We can arrange an informal dinner of truly delicious pizzas (margherita, napoletana, capricciosa, diavola, 4 stagioni, siciliana, marinara, ravellese to name but a few!!) for you and your guests to have a relaxing evening the night before the big day, overlooking the Amalfi Coast view.

Wine and Pizzas ... a good start for your wedding dream in Ravello !!!

Fresh and Delicious Pizza, The Highest Quality Products from Ravello

Wine and Pizzas ... in italian style

Fresh and Delicious Pizza, The Highest Quality Products from Ravello

Review from Tariq : On the Wednesday evening before the wedding, we had arranged a pizza party for our guests – again, booked via Mario –in Ravello. We were a little unsure about whether to do this when we were planning the wedding, but we were so glad that we did. It was an amazing evening and gave us an opportunity to meet all of our guests before the day of the wedding. The food was incredible, and the venue was stunning, looking out over the sea as the sun set on the Amalfi coast. We would definitely recommend this to anyone else getting married in Ravello – it gave our guests the chance to meet each other, for old friends to catch up and for new friends to be made. It also meant that when it came to the day of the wedding, the guests knew each other and made the whole occasion more enjoyable. From our point of view, it allowed us to see our guests before the wedding, rather than just for a few hours on the big day

Fresh and Delicious Pizza, a tradition since 1958 ... at your service

A nice idea to be all together the night before the wedding enjoing Wine and Pizzas !!!

Fresh and Delicious Pizza, a tradition since 1958 ... at your service

A friendly night in Italian Style . Your Dream is starting contacting

Fresh and Delicious Pizza, a tradition since 1958 ... at your service

Rehearsal Dinners the day before are the perfect occasions for a more casual and relaxed wedding celebration with all your friends and family members.

A pizza party really in Italian Style is an event where fun is guaranteed !!!

Fresh and Delicious Pizza, a tradition since 1958 ... at your service

Typical Neapolitan pizza cooked in wood fired oven offering you also the possibility of choosing the pizza taste of your choice

At The pizza party vegetarian people are welcome, you have only to advise us in advance.

Fresh and Delicious Pizza, a tradition since 1958 ... at your service

Review from Kristina ( Canada ) : On the evening before the wedding, Mario and Annamaria helped organize a pizza party welcome dinner for all of our 69 guests at Bringant Lair’s Pizzeria. It was incredible - the views from the dinner area are just stunning, service was fabulous and the food was out of this world! The pizza party was so much fun, and proved to be the perfect opportunity for all of our guests to mingle and get to know each other before the wedding day. This made everything so much more enjoyable and fun for everyone, and we had many guests commending us on what a great event it was. The evening was fabulous, and we had hired Enrico Capuano (our wedding photographer) to take some photos of the evening as well. Pier Canta also came to take some video which we hadn’t expected and was a lovely surprise, making the night even more special. Mario even popped in himself to make sure everything was running smoothly which was so kind.

Local wine - Red or White !!!

'' Dear family members and friends, We are pleased to inform you that we have arranged a pizza party in Ravello!!!! We are so excited to spend as much time as possible with all of you and we think that this will be a great opportunity to introduce everybody and to have fun making and eating pizza together! We are gathering in a nice Italian restaurant that is managed by an Italian family and - of course - it has an outstanding view of the Amalfi Coast as well as a very nice location (50 meters from the main square of Ravello). That makes it very easy to get there! Those who stay in Ravello will not need any transportation to get there as everything is within walking distance ! Let's spend a great night together before our wedding day in true Italian style and enjoy some delicious pizza! ''

A magical night before the wedding day !!!

Pizza party in Ravello - This is the original one !!! signed by Mario Capuano

Pizza party in Ravello - everything cooked in real time in front of you, with the fresh vegetables of the day and mozzarella cheese !!!

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