the Glazier | Bed and Breakfast | Vetraio | Ravello | Amalfi Coast Italy

Located in Ravello, near Duomo di Ravello, Villa Rufolo and San Giovanni del Toro the Glazie BB features free WiFi, and all the conforts of a intimate location

The Glazier is a wonderful place to stay, 3 rooms ( n.02 Double rooms plus n.01 studio flat with everything you could to want. In the heart of Ravello, all the rooms are furnished in modern style and all the modern conforts

Breakfast Area

This bed and breakfast located in the heart of Ravello has a family managment, it is a beautiful accommodation and offers a tradition of hospitality and allows guests to be in the heart of the village because located few meters from the famous Piazza Duomo ( so it needs not car ) a lovely walk passing the most famous way of Ravello, Via Roma.

The ideal location for your intimate holiday in our Village Ravello

few meters from the Church Santa Maria a Gradillo

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Stio Flat

Stio Flat

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