Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Ravello   ( Amalfi Coast - Italy ) in the Duomo Church or Santa Maria a Gradillo
In Italy a Catholic ceremony can only be celebrated in a church.Catholic weddings in Ravello can be celebrated in one of many beautiful old churches like the Duomo or Santa Maria a Gradillo( we suggest church depending the number of guests, to give the perfect settings for these type of ceremonies)

Your Catholic ceremony in Ravello will conducted in English language by a local priests. In the church is allowed only Sacre music

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In Ravello there are different churches in the heart of village ( Santa Maria a Gradillo and the Duomo ) where catholic ceremonies can be performed. All of them are within walking distance from the nicest reception venues. Discover with our photos the stunning churches in Ravello to organise Your Catholic Ceremony on the Amalfi Coast. Please note that in the Church you can NOT have symbolic wedding or other kind of ceremony.

Wedding in Ravello - Catholic wedding in the church

Wedding in Ravello - Catholic wedding in the church

Catholic wdding in Ravello in the church of Santa Maria a Gradillo - a wedding ceremony in a magical church , it is one of the oldest churches of our village, bulit in the 1100's and has been recently restored.

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Catholic weddings in Ravello

The churches of Ravello for your catholic wedding !!! Your  Ravello wedding dream is starting contacting us local wedding planner in Ravello

Get Married in Ravello  in the impressive and mystic Church of Santa Maria a Gradillo or in the famous Duomo

The churches of Ravello for your catholic wedding !!!

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