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Ravello, located on the Amalfi Coast., is considered one of the world’s most renown and picturesque destination.

A brief History of Ravello : Ravello was founded in the 6th century A.d. by Roman colonies who arrived on the shores of the coast searching for high ground from where the could defend themselves against the aggression of their attackers, the invading Unni, Goti, Visigoti and longobardi people. These new inhabitants of Ravello recognised the fundimental need to trade and so navigated ships containing their merchandise (mainly cloth) as the Orient. This proved to be very successful economically for the people of this area. The noble families that grew up built great palaces, castles and churches, (approximately 80 in all). Ravello, from the time it truly established itself, found rivalry from nearly Amalfi. In fact it was probably the people of Amalfi who first named this town ‘’Rabellum’’ the ‘’Ravellum’’ both names deriving from the world ‘ribbelarsi’ which in English means ‘to rebel’.

Thanks to the Ravello International Music Festival Ravello has become famous all over the world, Every year in the summer months, the "Ravello Festival" takes place. It began in 1953 in honour of Richard Wagner, and now Ravello is a wedding destination famous all the world too. Ravello is the most peaceful and charming resort on the Amalfi Coast

Ravello will have for you big emotions, the ideal wedding location with a friendly atmosphere

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Ravello - Amalfi Coast - Italy wedding destination

Wedding Planner : Mario Capuano

RAVELLO WEDDINGS DESTINATION : Ravello, an enchanting village on the Amalfi Coast, is located on a cliff overlooking the coast from Maiori to Amalfi. Special setting for wedding ceremony with unique landscape, Ravello is the ideal destination to celebrate weddings in Italy. and your Ravello wedding dream is starting. Get Married in Ravello and enjoy the charm of our country with unique history and traditions.

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