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Anna and Patrice: Just married in Ravello - Review

Well, we just got back from Ischia in the Amalfi Coast last weekend. However, we are still on Ravello time as we continue to remind each other what a wonderful experience we have had for the full year leading up to our wedding with Mario Capuano our wedding planner from Wagner Tours, Annamaria Staiano, Antonella Soma, Enrico Capuano and the rest of the team. Even though we tried to limit the amount of emails to the team recognizing that they had many couples communicating for their own weddings, we still reached approx. 220 emails-if not more. Regardless, we were never given the impression that Mario or Annamaria were too busy. They responded promptly to any questions we had along with some recommendations and/or solutions. I asked if they ever slept as they are 6 hrs ahead of our time in Canada and I was still receiving responses from Mario late at night.

Celebrating our lives together could not have been more perfect. The patience, dedication, and insights of the Wagner team in Ravello are the reason for the wonderful experience we had throughout the planning stage and the celebration They made us feel confident from the very first email. When we arrived they welcomed both of us with open arms to Ravello and honestly by the time we bagan to work on some details, we felt like part of their family. I don't think we have ever felt this level of emotion, respect and appreciation for a team of professionals as we have for Mario and the rest of the team.

We chose Villa Eva as the venue for our wedding. A private unique Villa with breathtaking views of the coast and beatiful manicured gardens in a perfect location of Ravello. We had decided to have the ceremony and dancing after dinner outside. Of course Mario and his team suggested that we have a contingency plan in case of rain. Well, sure enough it did rain that day and both Mario and Annamaria waited until 1/2 before the ceremony to make the change as they really wanted the sun to shine for us on our wedding day. Even though guests began to arrive, they managed to re-arrange seating, and move the ceremony indoors without much fuss and disruption to the guests.

It was a special day. The view from the open doors where we had the ceremony were breathtaking. Annamaria's nack for detail tied all the elements together including our families lighting a unity candle, lavender in small cones for the guests to shower us with for good luck, signage in both Italian and English, amongst many other special touches. Because of the rain we had the reception under the Marquis. Mario, Annamaria and the Villa Eva staff arranged a seperate area that did not feel like it overlapped with the dinner area that was already set up. It was magical. Many candles, twinkle lights, lemon orchard floral runners, and 2 musicians with their mandolins greeting us as we entered the Marquis with our guests. It was a wow moment and truly felt like we were in a fairytale story. There was a feeling of reserved elegance that filled the Villa that really redefined the meaning of "chic". We have the Mario, Annamaria, and the team to thank for rolling out our vision.

In addition, Enrico Capuano was incredible....a very talented young man with passion and expertise behind the lense. I feel the art of a good photographer is to get the most amazing shots, but to almost be invisible while doing. We felt Enrico did just that. He made us feel comfortable for the still shots and he was very accommodating to take photos of the individual couples, as well as many candid shots. Annamaria, provided a level of genuine support and navagated through details with a natural ease. Her level of detail was very refreshing. Her touch was everywhere throughout the wedding venue. From the photo garden to the cigar corner, to the exact positioning of the table and seating cards, favours and flavoured almond confetti. Adele and Andrea were also a great referral as they both worked on making my "look" perfect and still allowing me to look like "me" :-) ...... not an easy task for them as they are working with brides for the first time. This is an art not easily obtained.

Our guests had an amazing experience thanks to the suggestions and planning of the Wagner Team in Ravello. They loved their stay at Villa Maria & Villa Giordano as well as the boat ride to Positano, and being picked up and dropped off to and from Ravello,. They truly have never been treated with such courteous and personalized service before when attending a wedding. Mario, Annamaria, and the team made this happen and we are so appreciative for all their hard work to coordinate this complex task but yet made it feel seamless for us and our guests.

They truly were our family away from home and we both feel that when we return to Ravello, it will not only be to celebrate our anniversary. It will also be to re-connect with our new extended family Mario, Annamaria, Antonella, Enrico, Adele, Adrea, and the rest of the Wagner Tours - Ravello Team! Best, Anna and Patrice

Guitar and Mandolin, for a warm welcome to Anna

And a Jazz Band forPatrice

Your wedding dream at Villa Eva with local wedding planners Mario Capuano and Annamaria Staiano. The setting of the Villa is personalised for Anna and Patrice ( not a standard setting ). Your Dream at Villa Eva in Ravello is starting contacting us All the photos by the professional wedding photographer Enrico Capuano and your Ravello wedding dream is starting. Get Married in Ravello and enjoy the charm of our country with unique history and traditions.

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