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TESTIMONIAL FROM IAN AND SARAH:We were married at the Ravello town hall garden Principessa di Piemonte , had a champagne toast in the square, photoshoot ( I don't know where-- have a look here ) and then enjoyed an intimate candlelight dinner at Ristorante Da Salvatore ( in slang da Tatore) . We cannot say enough good things about Mario Capuano and Annamaria I completely forgot to book hair/make-up for the day so, of course…. Enrico Capuano the photographer and Pier Cant the videographer were so much fun. We had two musicians for the ceremony and walk through the square which were so great for setting the Italian mood. Because Mario and Annamaria live in Ravello they have local, personal relationship with all of their contacts. And, I think it helped make us feel special, too. It was as if their friends were our friends and they were all happy to be celebrating with us. If you want your Italian wedding to be something special, I highly recommend Ravello and Wagner Tours. They know what they’re doing and I feel like we have new Italian friends that we can look forward to visiting as often as we can.

Guitar and Mandolin sound during the ceremony in the Principessa Piemonte Garden

The intimate wedding ceremony overlooking the Amalfi Coast

The ceremony was perfomed by the civil state officer and by Mario Capuano

Sarah and Ian in the Town hall Garden Principessa Piemonte

Sarah and Ian just married in Ravello

Sarah and Ian just married in Ravello

the first prosecco in the main square of Ravello

Some amazing photos by the professional wedding photographer Enrico Capuano

Some amazing photos by the professional wedding photographer Enrico Capuano

A magical day , Ravello seems to be out of time. With a unique landscape, it really is an enchanted place where there’s an atmosphere of peace and beauty.

Some amazing photos by the professional wedding photographer Enrico Capuano!

Sarah and Ian congratulations from all the tea of Wagner Tours wedding and weddings Ravello

Your wedding day is filled with big moments — the first kiss, cutting the cake, emotional toasts from friends and family , the most unforgettable moments can also be the most unexpected, we have spent years to be ready for your wedding day in our village. Trust in local and expertise company... for your special Big Day moments

Your Ravello wedding dream is starting contatcting . Get Married in Ravello and enjoy the charm of our country with unique history and traditions.

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