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TESTIMONIAL FROM Cheryl and Jeff :“Mario and Annamaria are awesome - they planned the perfect, simple elopement of our dreams”

My fiancé and I decided to elope in Ravello and when I searched online for wedding planners in the area, I contacted three companies. I happened to reach out during the holidays; I believe it was the week between Christmas and New Year’s. One of the three planners got back to me a few weeks later and the other never responded at all. But, Mario Capuano at Wagner Tours replied right away!

He was super informative – we emailed back and forth about choices for our ceremony, and he had an easy to follow checklist for the paperwork process I needed to consider before deciding on a legal ceremony for our special day. We wanted something simple, intimate and relaxing. He seemed to know exactly what we meant and made the planning of this event as stress-free as possible. He also kept an up-to-date cost spreadsheet on everything we were committing to so there were no surprises. In the end, our Ravello trip was absolutely perfect - so much better than we could have imagined!

Mario took care of EVERYTHING for us – all I had to do was share my thoughts and he had it all booked. From recommending one of the most beautiful honeymoon suites (we stayed at Villa Maria which had a breathtaking view and private wraparound terrace) to planning all of the details and appointments. Even the bouquet was thoughtful and what I had in mind. Mario seemed to care about our event and helped me choose the best month and day for the ceremony (even best time of day for getting the best photos). We booked about 9 months in advance, which may or may not be typical.

You might want to book earlier if you are doing a larger wedding with reception space. We had a bit of a snafu when we missed the chance to legalize our Nulla Osta in the Naples Prefetura. A note of caution – for US citizens there's quite a bit of legal paperwork needed that can be confusing to complete while trying to navigate Italian government buildings. I was just about to tear up from this miss but I emailed Mario, told him what happened and he had a Plan B already in motion in case this happened. He had a car service ready for us the next morning to take us to the Salerno Prefetura which was only open for one hour that day. Mario took the extra step and asked the driver to personally escort us to the building, locate the right office, translate on our behalf and get the signature/stamp we needed. So thankful for that because the building recently relocated and we would not have been able to find the right place in time on our own.

We were married at the Ravello town hall garden, had a champagne toast in the square, photoshoot at the Villa Rufolo and then enjoyed an intimate candlelight dinner at Ristorante Da Salvatore. We cannot say enough good things about Mario Capuano and Annamaria Staiano (btw - her voice is so soothing, we could listen to her talk all day!). I completely forgot to book hair/make-up for the day so, of course… Mario to the rescue!

The civil wedding in the garden Principessa Piemonte , very intimate wedding

With only a week’s notice Mario called in some favors to help me book my hair with Andrea and Adele for make-up. Both were so nice and made me look and feel like a queen for the day. Enrico Capuano the photographer and Pier Cant the videographer were so much fun. We had four musicians for the ceremony and walk through the square which were so great for setting the Italian mood. We cannot wait to see our photos and video and be able to re-live the magic from that day

Mario and Annamaria also made excellent recommendations for what to do in the area - we ended up booking a guided tour of Pompeii with car transfer to Pompeii, luggage storage and car to Naples train station as we left for Florence. Please do the guided tour if visiting Pompeii – you get so much more background about the city and the ruins. Surprisingly, they do not have many informative signs

Because Mario and Annamaria live in Ravello they have local, personal relationship with all of their contacts. And, I think it helped make us feel special, too. It was as if their friends were our friends and they were all happy to be celebrating with us. If you want your Italian wedding to be something special, I highly recommend Ravello and Wagner Tours. They know what they’re doing and I feel like we have new Italian friends that we can look forward to visiting as often as we can

A magical kiss overlooking the Amalfi Coast

The first prosecco toast in the main square of Ravello with the sound of a guitar and mandolin

Your Ravello wedding dream is starting contatcting . Get Married in Ravello and enjoy the charm of our country with unique history and traditions.

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