Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Ravello   ( Amalfi Coast - Italy )
Ravello - the city of Music - Amalfi Coast - Italy

In Italy a Catholic ceremony can only be celebrated in a church.
Catholic weddings in Ravello can be celebrated in one of many beautiful old churches like the Duomo or Santa Maria a Gradillo( we suggest church depending the number of guests, to give the perfect settings for these type of ceremonies)
In  Ravello ( Italy)  the Catholic marriage rite is also valid to all legal effects, it will be automatically registered with the Italian Authorities, therefore, your Catholic wedding ceremony will be valid both in Italy and abroad.
If you have already been married in a civil ceremony, we can organise a Catholic ceremony without civil effect, ( it is required  the necessary documentation ''catholic wedding requirements'').
There is no residency requirement to marry in Italy. This allows foreigners to tie the knot and honeymoon in any location without long bureaucratic delays. In some cases you can arrive and get married in Italy within 3/4 days.
Most of the paperwork for an Italy wedding is prepared in your own country and filed prior to your arrival. Depending on citizenship you may need to complete some further paperwork.
Duomo di Ravello Church Santa a Maria a Gradillo Church
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