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Fozia and Aman : So Mario has asked us if we want to write a review of the days which covered our wedding....hmmm....well let's just say the aftermath of our wedding has left everyone of our guests struck with awe and the bride and groom absolutely stunned. From day 1 when making enquiries with Mario, we always felt a certain confidence and trust (extremely important). Mario and his team's efficiency in answering all of our queries and assisting our guests with bookings was second to none. We would normally receive response within 20 minutes (UK companies were taking upto 5 days!!).

Wagner Tours Wedding and Weddings is a real company located in Ravello !!!Your dream is starting contacting us

Anyway, on the Friday we had a pizza party for which we were nervous as we had read a couple of bad reviews before hand. We questioned Mario about this and our doubts were quickly turned to reassurance, Mario assuring us he would oversee the party - which was immaculately organised. The food and drink was excellent and our guests were able to enjoy a lovely evening! So, to Saturday and the wedding day...the bride was elegantly styled in the early afternoon by the brilliant Gerardo Serretiello (who had earlier in the week run a successful and very professional trial at his elegant salon)

The civil ceremony which followed was beautiful! With the awesome backdrop and serene music from the violinist. Mario made a few jokes which brought laughter from the crowd and gave things a light-hearted feel. The walk down to the main square accompanied by the guitarist and the mandolinist was absolutely brilliant. The main square which was packed with people enjoying coffees and gelatos, froze and gave us an unrehearsed applause - making the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

Fozia and Aman - in the Garden Principessa di Piemonte - Ravello


The Town hall garden Principessa di Piemonte

Fozia and Aman Just married in Ravello


The toast in the main square was again immaculately organised and so on-point with timing with the extremely handsome Enrico Capuano on hand making arrangements for photography.

Magic moments in Ravello

Fozia and Aman  are walking to the main square with the sound of a guitar and mandolin

Fozia and Aman are walking to the wedding venue  with the sound of a guitar and mandolin

the entrance of Fozia and Aman

Fozia and Aman  - Just Married in Ravello - the entrance at Villa Eva

The reception at Villa Eva was run unbelievably to schedule, all down to Mario and his staff and their attention to detail and atmosphere. The tables were beautifully arranged by the Wagner team again with immaculate attention to detail and love. From canopes on the lawn to an exotic wedding dinner

A lovely and simple setting at Villa Eva by the team of Wagner Tours wedding and wedding, local expertises

A magical day , Ravello seems to be out of time. With a unique landscape, it really is an enchanted place where there’s an atmosphere of peace and beauty.

A magical day with simple ideas


A special thank you to Annamaria Staiano for her helpfulness, friendliness and calming influence throughout the whole process.

Mario and his wonderful assistant Annamaria were always on hand providing assurance and taking any stress away from the bride and groom leaving us simply, to enjoy the day - amazing. Il finish with these last words....this wedding exceeded our expectations.   and your Ravello wedding dream is starting.  Get Married in Ravello and enjoy the charm of our country with unique history and traditions.

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