The wedding of  Cara and Luke  in a magical  Villa ( Ravello ) a dream signed by the wedding planner Mario Capuano and all the Wagner Tours Team - Photos by professional wedding photographer Enrico Capuano.

Cara and Luke  in Ravello,  our village is the ideal backdrop for the most romantic event of your life.

Some photos of  the professional wedding photographer Enrico Capuano, Cara  during the dressing up

The bridesmaids when Cara is living the Hotel !!! we have not words to describe... look their Joy

A welcome reading  from a guest..

The ceremony is starting, celebrated from Mario Capuano

A symbolic wedding leaves you free to express any type of sentiment, without the assle of required documentation ( it is usually chosen by couple who have already had a civil ceremony in their country )

Exchange of the rings

Cara and Luke, just Married in Ravello

A magical day , Ravello seems to be out of time. With a unique landscape, it really is an enchanted place where there’s an atmosphere of peace and beauty. This is the first toast after the ceremony

Cara and Luke, really a magical day in a stunning place

Your wedding in Ravello, in one of the most beautiful Villa

Your dream is starting contacting us

Car and Luke, magic moments in Ravello

A simple set-up of the table, for a unforgettable day

Another wedding dream signed by Mario Capuano, over any dream.

Thanks to Cara and Luke  for choosing Wagner Tours wedding and weddings as your wedding planners.

Our Expert Team is specialised in creating personalised Day

a after party !!! over any dreams

a after party !!! over any dreams

Your dream is starting contacting   Get Married in Ravello and enjoy the charm of our country with unique history and traditions.

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