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“The coast between Reggio and Gaeta is the most beautiful in Italy. One of the most anchanting spot on it is Ravello, where many rich men live; one of these was exstemely rich and his name was Landolfo Rufolo”…(G. Boccaccio)As we see in the 4th novella in the 2 nd day of the Decameron, the scenary and the monuments of Ravello, which was founded by a roman colony in the 6th century A.D. were already famous centuries ago. Perched on a 350 ft high cliff overlooking the blue sea of the Amalfi Coast, it has conserved its historical monuments through the ages in a natural setting which has few equals in the world.One of the most important monuments is the Cathedral, founded in 1086, where one can admire the Ambo and the Pulpit decorated with Byzantine masaics, relics as the bust of Sigilgaita Rufolo, the splendid bronze doors by Barisano da Trani and the museum situated in the crypt.Villa Rufolo is the garden where Richard Wagner found his magical garden of Klingsor for the 2nd act of Parsifal, on May 26th 1880; it is for that reason that the Wagner Festival take place every year, during the month of July. It is also the seat of European University Centre for the Cultural Heritage

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